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Why Do I Need Points and How Do They Work?

Earning points will allow you to keep your premium contributions at lower rates for next plan year (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019). Points will continue to be earned through February 28, 2018. At that time, based upon your GO365 status, your premium contribution for the next plan year will be determined. The premium contribution percentage would take effect July 1, 2018. This table helps summarize:

Your GO365 Points Status as ofMarch 1, 2018



Blue or Bronze

Percentage of Monthly Premium as of July 1, 2018




There is a status above Gold called Platinum, however, Gold status is the requirement for maintaining your current 12% contribution rate.

How many points to you need to earn Gold or Silver will dependent upon your plan type, and namely, the dependents carried on the plan. This chart helps to summarize the point requirements for Gold and Silver status.

Health Plan Type

Points for Gold

Points for Silver




Employee + Spouse



Employee + Spouse + 1 adult dependent (over the age of 18)



Each additional dependent over the age of 18

Add 4,000

Add 3,000

This link provides you with the video overview of the plan and how the pieces fit together.

We want our employees to be healthy and providing strong wellness programming is key. The more employees that are engaged in wellness, and at Gold or Silver status, will help keep our overall healthcare costs lower, and as a result, the percentage you pay for healthcare will be of a lower amount. There is no requirement that the District hit a certain status in order for any one individual to earn the premium contribution listed above.

How Do I Earn Go365 Points?

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Call the number on the back of your ID card and ask for Go365 when prompted. You'll need your card to enter your Member ID.