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Franklin Public Schools has a wide variety of opportunities for community members and organizations to get involved with our students in order to support their career exploration and development of employability skills. Please read the descriptions below to learn more about these opportunities.

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Partnership Opportunities

Guest Speaking

Franklin Schools have multiple opportunities throughout the school year for professionals to come in and speak with students about different topics, such as their career, employability skills, and any other area of expertise.


Establish a professional relationship with high school students to provide guidance and feedback on their career development and project work in class. Mentors will meet with students at least once per quarter and establish regular communication with them.

Community Based Projects

Take advantage of extra project help for your organization and a new perspective by submitting a project proposal for a group of Senior students to complete. Projects can be short or long term and you will have the opportunity to check in regularly with the project team to provide feedback.

Job Shadows

Host a high school student for a day on the job. Students will observe what is like to work in your career area and the importance of different soft skills in the workplace.

Project Coach

Provide feedback and expertise for a student created project. Use your professional experience to help guide students through the design process and navigate their ideas.

Service Opportunities

Provide opportunities for students to complete a service project or service hours with your organization. Opportunities can be for individuals, small, or large groups and may also be for one or multiple days.

Site Visits

Host students and/or adults at your workplace for an informational tour or location for off-campus meetings or events.

Student Internships

Hire a high school senior to work at your company for an unpaid or paid internship. Students are looking for the opportunity to gain experience in their career field of interest and develop their employability skills on the job.

Youth Apprenticeships

Provide on the job training for students in the Youth Apprenticeship program partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Students will learn job specific skills in their career field of interest while working at your company.