School Assignment Requests (Elem.)

Franklin Public Schools Board of Education directives are to assign all students to their home schools based on the established elementary school boundaries to ensure student enrollment balance within the elementary schools.

A parent can apply for a district exception online, which is reviewed by the District Administrator for approval. If granted, the approval is valid for only one year and the parent must reapply each year thereafter. There is no guarantee the approval will be continued in future years. If the family receives approval, it is the district’s expectation that the student will be parent transported to/from school in a timely manner or the district exception will be reversed.

Should a family move during an existing school year to another home outside of the existing school’s attendance area, it may be in the best interest of the student to finish the current school year at the original school and that will be granted. However, it will be the expectation at the end of the school year that the student will transfer into their home school based on the elementary school boundaries. The family would notify the student’s school of the move and complete the family information change form. District Administrator approval is not required for this exception during the school year.

  1. Medical Condition of the Student 

The student is currently receiving treatment for a diagnosed medical condition and his/her needs cannot be met in the assigned school in their attendance area.

  1. Family Move

The family moved from their current home in the district to a new home causing a change in the elementary attendance area and the student will be in their final year of elementary school. 

Note: Before and after school care does not qualify for a school assignment change. 

Franklin Public Schools reserves the right to request further documentation if needed to make a final decision. All decisions are made by the District Administrator and are final. 

Click here to request a school assignment change for a student.