Work Permit

Work Permit Information

As of 5/11/23: Work permits can now be obtained by parents online. Please use THIS link to complete a work permit for your student. 

Through June 30, 2023

Forest Park Middle School and Franklin High School Students

(Work permits are required for students under the age of 16)

When a student accepts a job offer, the employer will give the student a letter stating what type of work the student will be doing. The student is required to bring the letter to the school office.

Important note: June 23, 2017 is the effective date of 2017 Wisconsin Act 11. The law removes the requirement that 16 and 17 year old minors obtain work permits.


7:30-4:00 Forest Park Middle School (not open in July)

7:00-3:30 Franklin High School

Students under the age of 16 will need to provide the following:

1. A letter from the employer that shows the following:

o Name of employer

o Address of employer

o Student’s name

o A statement stating the type of work the student will be doing

2. A parent signature on the employer’s letter or a separate note from the

parent stating the child accepted a job offer

3. Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Driver’s License or State ID Card

4. Original Social Security Card. No copies accepted.

5. $10 (the employer will reimburse you)

If you are going back to work for the same employer, you do not need a new work permit.

If you have already received a work permit for a different employer, your information is in the system. You need to bring the letter from employer, parent signature and $10.

Please allow time for the work permit to be processed. If the student brings it into the office in the morning, he/she should have it by the end of the day.