Dance - 2017 Prom "Hollywood - A Night with the Stars"

Grand March - 5:30 pm at the Italian Community Center, 631 E. Chicago Street, Milwaukee (doors open at 5:00 pm) Parents may attend the Grand March and are asked to leave immediately following the March.

Dinner/Dance - 6:15 to 11:00 pm at the Italian Community Center

Post Prom - 11:30 pm to 2:30 am at Showtime Cinema, 8910 S. 102nd Street, Franklin

No middle school or grade school students or adults 21 or over are allowed to attend. Students and guests must bring an ID to the dance. All dance participants are required to dance in a school appropriate manner. Any person dancing in a manner viewed as sexually suggestive or inappropriate will be removed from the dance and not allowed to return. Parents/Guardians will be called. Students are not allowed to leave prom prior to 11:00 pm without a call to parents, and not before 2:30 am without a call home.

Prom tickets for the Saturday, April 29, 2017 dance will be sold in the main office before school, after school and during lunch hours for $60 per person. Tickets will go on sale from Friday, April 7th until Thursday, April 13th at 3:00 pm. Note - all tickets will be sold before Spring Break.

All students need to fill out and present a Prom Contract at the time of ticket purchase and if you are bringing a guest who is not an FHS student, you will need to present a Guest Pass for that person. You must have your student ID with you when you purchase a ticket and have all fees paid/detentions served.

Congratulations to the 2017 Prom Court:

Alec Catarozoli, Andrew Cuske, Hai Ho, Ken Kobayashi, Jacob Maternowski, Peter Narrai, Joshua Narrai, Brad Tobin, Joshua Wagner, Bradley Warzala, Ava Boario, Dana Burant, Jaylin Flores, Meghan Gain, Abigael Gardner, Ashley Hoffmann, Alexandra Miller, Rachel Ramakrishnan, Brianna Tobin and Amanda Wachter.