Track and Field Girls

Head Coach: Jack Hervert
Coach Email:

First Practice Day: March 7, 2022

Please email the head coach to verify dates and times for practices. 

Pole Vault Helmet Release and Pole Vault Helmet Update.

Girls Track



2019 Conference Relays: Second place finish


2019 Conference relay champions:

  • Long jump: Nadia Vo, Kaitlin Gawelski, Jolene Mantoan
  • Triple jump: Kaitlin Gawelski, Irene Yank, Parker Septon
  • Shot put: Brenna Masloroff, Grace Krawczyk-Burish, Lydia Sikora
  • Sprint medley relay: Clare Pitcher, Nadia Vo, Kaitlin Gawelski, Whitney Thomas
  • Mile relay: Whitney Thomas, Bree Bartoshevich, Leslie Davis, Parker Septon


Conference: 1st Place Finish


Conference Individual Champions:

  • Clare Pitcher: 400
  • Nadia Vo: high jump
  • Mile relay: Leslie Davis, Whitney Thomas, Bree Bartoshevich, Parker Septon
  • Shot put and discus: Brenna Masloroff


State Qualifiers:

  • Janel Sweet: 8th in the pole vault
  • Clare Pitcher: 4th in the 800
  • Nadia Vo: 2nd in the long jump and 4th in the high jump
  • Whitney Thomas: 18th in the 400
  • Brenna Masloroff: 5th in the shot put and 21st in the discus
  • Mile relay: 6th place: Clare Pitcher, Whitney Thomas, Bree Bartoshevich, Leslie Davis