Tutor Opportunities

Saber Tutor Center

What is it? Saber Tutor Center is for any student who needs help in any subject area! Whether students need help with a specific assignment, skill, study for an upcoming test, or guidance on a paper, the tutor center is the place to come!

Where is it? C215 and C216

Who Tutors?

The Saber Tutor Center is technically two parts:

  1. The writing center, located in C216- Tutored by students in my PROWL (Peer Review Online Writing Lab) course, who possess a strong understanding of the writing process when it comes to the three main methods of writing: narrative, informative, and persuasive/argument. Their focus is to help guide their peers in better understanding key concepts of the writing process. They will work closely with the rubrics in these areas.
    1. Students seeking help in writing must come with a specific area of focus- specific rubric bands in which they seem to struggle.
    2. FYI- My PROWL students visited UW Milwaukee writing center to see/hear what peer conferences sound/look like at the college level. .
  2. The tutor lab, located in C215 (Tindall’s room)- Tutored by students recommended by teachers for their knowledge and performance in a given subject area. These students will have specific subject areas of focus. Their job is to help students better understand the content or skill of a given subject area and provide some help with studying for tests.

When can students visit? During Gold Block

How do students sign up? There is a form to fill out that is located on the FHS home page under “Students” tab. It is called, FHS Tutor Center Request Form. After filling this form out, Mrs. Tindall will receive the request and verify whether or not the student requesting is free from other obligations during Gold Block. If the tutor center is already full, or the student has other obligations, Mrs. Tindall will send back an email stating to try again another day. If the request is approved, the student will get a Gold Block pass emailed the morning of the request.

**Request form MUST BE FILLED OUT BY 6PM if student wants to request to visit the tutor center the following day.**


Image result for youtube iconClick here to watch this video overview for how to submit a request for the Tutor Center