The InRoads Program: Pathways to Personalization

You have a voice. What if you could use your voice to drive your learning and focus specifically on what interests, motivates, and excites you? What if you could use your voice in collaboration with others to design experiential learning opportunities both in school and in the community? What if you could develop your voice into the voice of a leader who is prepared to dynamically shape his or her own path through college and the world? Add your voice to the InRoads program and grow as a curious, innovative, critical thinker who makes an impact on the local, national, and global communities.

Program Foundation

At its core, the InRoads program uses a personalized learning model to help students achieve the following

  1. Develop leadership skills through structured learning opportunities that focus on growth.
  1. Develop both academic and employability skills necessary to be successful beyond high school. Students in the InRoads program have access to highly rigorous courses, including Project Lead the Way, Advanced Placement, and Capstone courses.
  1. Further development of academic and career planning through hands on, relevant learning opportunities. Students in the InRoads program will learn what it takes to be successful in a future career, and will have the opportunity to learn more about their future through shadow opportunities, volunteer opportunities, internships, youth apprenticeships, and community mentorships. InRoads students will work one on one with our high school community experience coordinator and their counselor to develop an experiential plan for junior and senior year that meets their individual needs.
  1. Make interdisciplinary connection through team taught project based courses. Students in the InRoads program have the opportunity to work with teachers in smaller classroom environments. We believe in a cohort approach, where the InRoads students build relationships with each other by spending time in several courses together.

Program Structure

The InRoads program engages students in leadership and experiential learning opportunities through four year-long themes. These themes are explored through coursework and learning experiences outside the

classroom. Themes include:


Inquiry (9th Grade):

  • How can I use my passion to drive my learning?
  • How can I work with others to create positive outcomes?
  • How do leaders seek to understand and respect different perspectives?

Service (10th Grade):

  • How can we solve a problem in a community?
  • What does service look like?
  • How can I be a leader in different communities?

Research (11th Grade):

  • What does a highly successful workplace look, feel, and sound like?
  • How do leaders facilitate productive group processes?

Innovation (12th Grade):

  • Why is it important to foster innovation?
  • How do innovators leverage resources and strategies to develop creative solutions to complex problems?

Program Benefits

Deep Study of Relevant Skills
Academic Skills Leadership Skills Employability Skills
Strong Relationships

  • Cohort model
  • Mentorships
  • Community Partners

Experiential Learning

  • Project Based
  • Community Based
  • Real World Experiences

Certifications & Recognitions

Additional program support is provided through the role of Community Experience Coordinator, who meets with students to confer about career choices and set up placements.

InRoads Course Progression

InRoads Course Progression

What InRoads Students Have to Say

"InRoads is a creative, personalized experience that changed the way I think of learning and school for the better."

“I enjoy that we get to work with hands on equipment. The teachers are all really cool. We get to work at our own pace when we have to complete projects. Everything revolves around the students wants and needs.”

“All of the InRoads teachers are really fun and understanding. The classes that I’m in are all exciting and interesting.”

“My interest in Biomedical Sciences has allowed me opportunities to explore near 50 careers in the Biomedical field, all while teaching me hands on. The activities done in class are up to par with a college-level course, explaining medical terms and processes far beyond what any other Franklin High School classes are able to teach.”

“In the InRoads program not only are you getting a hands on experience with labs and field trips, but you are granted the freedom to develop critical professional skills. Along the way InRoads will give you multiple volunteer opportunities corresponding with your career interest to get a jump start on skills needed later in life to be successful. Overall, InRoads has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

How to Join the Program

The InRoads program is open to 45 students per year, in grades 9-12. Application to the program begins in the 8th grade year. Criteria for entry includes the following:

  1. A review of the student’s academic and career plan.
  2. An application from the student, outlining his/her interest in the program, and evidence of commitment to developing as a leader and learner through inquiry, service, research, and innovation.
  3. A recommendation from a teacher, citing the alignment between the student’s goals and actions and the core themes of leadership and experiential learning through inquiry, service, research, and innovation.

Additional Information

InRoads - Class of 2023 Overview

Why should I enroll in InRoads?
  • InRoads gives students a chance to explore multiple areas in high school as they determine their future pathways outside of FHS. The student will be supported by teacher and community mentors that will help guide their exploration. Part of the day-to-day activities will include hands-on classes, working and investigating in the community, assistance in obtaining "soft skills" needed for day-to-day life, and the chance to work alongside professionals in the Fab Lab, local businesses, industry, and healthcare facilities.
How is InRoads different than a traditional high school education?
  • InRoads offers the core education of a high school experience in a hands-on, student driven environment. The students get to explore and select courses from areas they are interested in. Collaborating with teachers, other students and members of the community, students get real world experiences that will help them in their post-high school choices. Instead of the teacher "driving" the learning, the teacher becomes the facilitator as the student explores and develops the skills they need to be confident members of the community both inside and outside the borders of Franklin.
Will I still have access to AP, electives, and honors courses?
  • Yes. There are going to be as many if not more opportunity for honors, AP and elective courses. InRoads is a program that allows for more student choice then they would have had previously in their high school career. Student's will have full access to all of Franklin's articulated, PLTW Engineering, PLTW Biomedical Sciences, Advanced Placement courses, and more as we continue to expand our offerings.

Contact Information

Mike Vuolo, Principal:

Brooke DeLassus, InRoads Program Coordinator:

Rachel Fredricks, Community Experience Coordinator: