Work Permits

Work Permit Information

**Updated info as of June 2020: 

An executive order was signed by Governor Evers on March 26, 2020 and information forwarded to
Franklin High School regarding work permits for minors. The Executive Order changes work permit
requirements during the state of emergency. This information was provided by the Department of
Workforce Development so that we can communicate it to students and employers contacting FHS
regarding work permits. Employers need to email information to the State of Wisconsin as stated in
the Order below:

The Executive Order does the following:

● Waives the requirement that new 14 and 15 year old employees obtain a work permit prior to starting employment.
● Instead, employers can send information to the work permit email box This information includes
          An attestation that they have reviewed the minor's proof of age and social security documents
(but employers should not send us copies of these documents);
         The offer letter from the employer, and;
         The permission letter or countersignature from the parent or guardian.
● ERD will decline to enforce the permit requirement during the state of emergency.
● Employers will have 30 days after the state of emergency to acquire permits for all workers and to pay all applicable fees.
● The order does not change the current legal requirements for hours per day or time of day, nor does it make any change to prohibited or hazardous employment rules. We will continue to enforce these rules during the emergency.

The Emergency Order expired, however, the Department of Workforce Development has
promulgated an emergency rule that is substantially the same and extends the child labor
enforcement holiday into the future. The emergency rule provides:

● The operations of permit offices and employers using minors under age 16 may continue to operate in the same manner as they did under the previous emergency order. (see above)
● The new end date for this process is September 1, 2020.
● Employers shall file a permit application on behalf of each minor employee and pay the associated fee no later than October 1, 2020.
● The application of this emergency rule is retroactive to May 11, 2020. The Department will decline to take any enforcement action against employers of minors who follow the process set forth in the emergency rule.

FHS/FPM S is not currently able to issue work permits, contact FHS Permit Officer Sue Bollis @ with questions. Employers are required to follow all information
provided by the Equal Rights Division above.


Forest Park Middle School and Franklin High School Students

(Work permits are required for students under the age of 16)

When a student accepts a job offer, the employer will give the student a letter stating what type of work the student will be doing. The student is required to bring the letter to the school office.


7:00-3:30 Forest Park Middle School

7:00-3:30 Franklin High School

The student will need to provide the following:

1. A letter from the employer that shows the following:

- Name of employer

- Address of employer

- Student’s name

- A statement stating the type of work the student will be doing

2. A parent signature on the employer’s letter or a separate note from the

parent stating the child accepted a job offer

3. Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Driver’s License or State ID Card

4. Original Social Security Card. No copies accepted.

5. $10 cash (the employer will reimburse you)

If you are going back to work for the same employer, you do not need a new work permit.

If you have already received a work permit for a different employer, your information is in the system. You need to bring the letter from employer, parent signature and $10.

Please allow time for the work permit to be processed. If the student brings it into the office in the morning, he/she should have it by the end of the day. The student must be present at the time of picking up the permit as their signature is required on the form.