Work Permits

As of 5/11/23: Work permits can now be obtained by parents online. Please use THIS link to complete a work permit for your student. 


To obtain a work permit in person through June 30, 2023:

When a student under the age of 16 accepts a job offer, the employer will give the student a letter stating what type of work the student will be doing. The student is required to bring the letter to Franklin High School or Forest Park Middle School in order to obtain a work permit.

The student will need to provide the following:

1. A letter from the employer that shows the following:

- Name of employer

- Address of employer

- Student’s name

- A description of the type of work the student will be doing

2. A parent signature on the employer’s letter or a separate note from the

parent stating the child accepted a job offer

3. Original Birth Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Driver’s License or State ID Card. No copies accepted.

4. Original Social Security Card. No copies accepted.

5. $10 cash (the employer will reimburse you)

***If you are going back to work for the same employer, you do not need a new work permit.

***If you have already received a work permit for a different employer, your information is in the system. You need to bring the letter from employer, parent signature and $10.

Please allow time for the work permit to be processed. If the student brings it into the office in the morning, he/she should have it by the end of the day. The student must be present at the time of picking up the permit as their signature is required on the form.