Student Services

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We would like to introduce the Student Services Team at Forest Park. The Student Services Team supports academic programs and provides opportunities that help address students’ physical, emotional, social, cognitive and career development needs which are the foundation for lifelong health, learning and success.

School Counselors

Bernadette VanLith (Ext. #6058) All 7th Grade Students

Mindy Greco (Ext. #6057) All 8th grade students


• Individual and small group counseling services based on students’ needs

• Teach Developmental Guidance classes during Core Plus

• Schedule classes for students

• Conduct transition programs from elementary to middle school, and middle school to high school

• Register new students

• Plan Career Development programs

Developmental Guidance Program Topics are selected based on students' needs such as:

• Careers

• Tolerance

• Responsibility

• Bullying & Harassment

• Cyber-safety

• Service

• AODA (Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness and Safety)

• Anti-Bullying

• Diversity

School Psychologist

• Individual Assessment: Learning, Emotional & Behavioral

• Consultation with Parents and Staff

• Special Education Services and Support

• 504 Coordinator • Instructional & Behavioral Interventions

• Individual Student Counseling

• Mental Health Referrals

• Crisis intervention for students and family

School Nurse

• Parent, student and teacher consultation regarding student’s health concerns

• Monitoring of students with complex medical needs

• Home, school & medical community liaison

• Training and supervision for administration of student medications, immunization compliance, injuries and sudden illness, first aid and health rooms