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• Athletics Coordinator at Forest Park: Joshua Werner

Email –

Phone – (414) 525-7525

Athletic Director of Franklin Public Schools:

Jordan Hein

Email –

Phone – (414) 423-4640 ext. 7009

Interscholastic Sports

Girl's Basketball

• 7th grade Coach: Erin Weston

• Email:

• 8th grade Coach: Scott Witkowiak

PRACTICES: Monday-Thursday.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually games, but if not, practice will go until 5:00.

Mondays: 7th grade will go until 4:30 and 8th grade until 5:00

Wednesdays: 7th grade until 5:00 and 8th grade until 4:30




2018-19 Calendar

7th Grade Handout




Cross Country


Coach: Samantha Pratt :

Assistant Coach: Alyssa Toetz:

2018 Calendar

Boy's Basketball

Coaches Contact Information

7th Grade Coach 8th Grade Coach
Brandon Johnsen Steve Drobot


Pom Pons

Pom Pon Coach: Karisa Mantey


2018-2019 Calendar


CLICK HERE for wrestling info!

• 7th/8th grade Coach: Josh Larson


Phone: 414-534-7838

Wrestling will begin 10/29/18 (3:20-5:00pm)

PRACTICES WILL BE MONDAY-FRIDAY (unless a meet or no school)

Girl's Volleyball

• 7th grade Coach: Courtney Lukasavitz
o Email:

• 8th grade Coach: Molly Sawicky 
o Email:


Directions to any of the events can be found under the Conference Addresses/Directions Link.

PRACTICES: Monday-Thursday (unless a game or no school)


2019 Schedule




If you are interested in participating in track for the 2019 season, we will be conducting Home Base Meetings, in the cafeteria on March 14th for 8th grade, and March 15th for 7th grade.  If for some reason one of those dates doesn't work, feel free to come to whichever one you can attend. 

Please make sure you sign up in the front office, have your yearly physical form or alternate card in, and all other necessary forms.  There is a $25.00 dollar fee, if you have not participated in two or more activities this year, please make sure to pay this as well.  All of the coaches look forward to a great track season.  We will go over schedule, expectations and practice/meet information at the home base meetings.


When picking up after practice or a meet, please do not wait or park in the circle drive. You MUST drive around the circle and wait/park in the parking lot. There is also parking as you come around the circle to the back of the building by the dumpsters. You can also park/wait in the district office lot or the spaces by the soccer field. Please carpool if possible. There are over 200 kids at practices. By parking/waiting in the circle, it backs up traffic to Forest Hill and becomes a big problem. Please do not stop or wait in the circle drive.


Practices will be Mon-Fri until 4:30 unless noted there is no practice. Once practice begins, coaches may change practice days for grade level. The calendar changes periodically, so be sure to watch for changes.




Spring 2019 Calendar

Typical Events

Coach Information



Order Uniform/Gear: 

Franklin HS Teams: BoysGirls
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Girls State and Area HS Records:

Boys State and Area HS Records:





Cheer Coach:

Cheer Tryouts for 2018: TBD

2018-2019 Calendar

Cheer Squad


Bowling - Spring

Other sports could be added based interest

Other Information

Our Philosophy

A co-curricular program is extra-curricular. The activities usually take place after school. Students who meet the eligibility requirements have the right to participate. Participation is a privilege. Students involved in activities must behave themselves in an appropriate manner whether at school or in the community. The activities offered in the program are designed to supplement and enhance the knowledge and skills that have been established by the curriculum of the Franklin Public School District.

Attending Home Games

All students and parents are encouraged to attend home athletic games. Girls' and boys' basketball games are back to back beginning at 3:30 P.M. Wrestling meets begin at 3:45 P.M. Volleyball begins at 3:30 and both 7th and 8th grade teams play at the same time.

Any student who chooses to participate in any interscholastic sport at Forest Park will need a $25 co-curricular fee and the forms completed prior to tryouts or participation. Click here for the forms.