Forest Park Activities

Registration for all Forest Park activities happens in person at the first meeting or through an online sign up system created by the advisor of that club. Sign up instructions will be shared in the weekly bulletin with all Forest Park families. 

All clubs are open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. 

Each club charges a $25 participate fee. This is added to the student's PowerSchool account 1-2 weeks after the club begins. This fee is expected to be paid within 1 week of being posted to your student's account. This can be paid online in PowerSchool or the student can drop off cash or check in the main office. Students that do not pay this fee on time will be temporarily suspended from the club until the fee is paid. 

Once a student has paid for 3 sports/clubs (total of $75), any other $25 sport/club fees will be waived for that school year. Once a family has paid for $150 worth of athletic/activity fees, any additional sport/club fees would be waived for that year.