Morning Drop Off/Dismissal Procedures


  • Students should not arrive before 8:55 a.m. Those who arrive before 8:55 am may be unsupervised in the front of the building.
  • The school day officially starts at 9:10 a.m. All students will be allowed into the school at 9:00 a.m. each morning.
  • If you choose to drop your student off in the morning, please do so on the NORTH side of the school. The students then walk safely on the sidewalk to the front doors of the school.
  • Please DO NOT drop the students off in the bus lane or in the parking lot on the west side of the school.
  • If you want to walk your student to the front door, you MUST park your car in the parking lot and walk them across the driveway in the designated crosswalk areas. Do not park in a handicapped parking spot unless you have the appropriate designation from the state of Wisconsin on your car.

Reminders to keeping a safe environment:

  • Students need to be using the crosswalks at all times when walking. Please wait to be signaled when crossing in front of traffic.
  • Please be responsible with timeliness. Not only is that an essential skill for success, but also you will limit disruption caused by being late for school.
  • Just a reminder… the speed limit in a school zone in Wisconsin is 15 MPH. This is enforced by the Franklin Police Dept.

DISMISSAL PROCEDURES – A Daily Choice for dismissal was made during the Check-in/Online Registration process. We have 5 different options. A brief explanation of each procedure along with the Dismissal Timeline is listed below.

BUS - Every Ben Franklin student residing in our enrollment area is assigned to a bus route. (students residing outside our boundaries must choose alternate dismissal procedure) Please refer to our online handbook regarding additional bus rider rules and policies (Policy #3720). One important policy - a note is required from each parent if a student will be getting off at an alternative bus stop for any reason.

KID’S CLUB – before and after school care in our Multi-purpose room. Registration information is available through the Franklin Rec Dept.

PARENT PICK UP - (Please notice the TWO specific options!)

  • Parent pick up. This pick up requires an adult to park in the North parking lot of the school and physically walk into the back of the building (near C12) to wait for their student(s).
  • Curbside. After the buses have pulled away from the school, parents will drive up in the bus lane. Students will be dismissed to the front of the building where they will locate their adult’s vehicle. Please line up in your cars on the east side of 83rd street south of the entrance to the school.

WALKERS/BIKE RIDERS – Any student with permission to Walk/Ride will sign out in their classroom and walk/ride home when they’re dismissed.

DAY CARE VAN – Any DayCare facilities sending their van to school will line up with the busses.


3:50 p.m.:

KID’S CLUB - Students attending Kids Club will be dismissed and meet in the cafeteria.

PARENT PICK UP (Gym)- Any students being picked up will be dismissed and meet their parents in Gym. Parents MUST park in the north parking lot or on the street, walk inside the building to get their children and then walk them safely to the car. (the north doors will open at 3:45 p.m.) ***You may not stay in your car if you choose the Gym Parent Pick up option.

3:55 p.m.:

BUS/DAYCARE VAN - All bus students will be dismissed out the front doors to get on the buses. As soon as the buses are loaded, they will be released.

Approximately 4:00 p.m. (once the buses have been released.):

PARENT PICK UP (Curbside Pick Up) will occur in the front driveway. NO cars will be allowed to enter the front driveway until ALL of the buses have been dismissed. All cars MUST wait on the East side of 83rd St. South of the Ben Franklin driveway. At that point, a line of cars will enter the front driveway and the “walkers and curbside pick up students” will be dismissed from school. Parents will be allowed to drive their cars into the front driveway – only at the curb of the sidewalk – to pick up their students. All cars must move forward in the lane next to the curb. When your student is in the car, you can pull into the outer lane (closest to the parking lot) and proceed out of the driveway onto Southview Drive. All cars must continue to move forward.

*** PLEASE take the time to confirm with your child’s teacher your plans for your child’s dismissal procedure. The teacher will follow the information the parents have submitted through InfoSnap at Check-in/Registration unless a hand-written note or email from the parent is received. IF there’s a change for the day and we do not receive communication FROM THE PARENT, either via a hand-written note or email, the teacher will follow the confirmed information received. The ONLY time the office should receive a phone call to change the pick-up arrangements for your child should be in an emergency situation. We understand that emergencies do arise.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. We appreciate your help with these important procedures! Thank you for being patient at the beginning and end of the day - this ensures the safety of each of the students during those times.

With Saber Pride

Sarah Edbauer, Principal