Welcome from Superintendent

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve Franklin Public Schools as the District Administrator.  For more than two decades I have been an educator serving in the roles of classroom educator, Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent of Continuous Improvement, and District Administrator.  Each role has allowed me to experience public education from a different perspective to build a repertoire of skills that will continue to progress FPS schools to be a better place to learn, better place to work and part of a better community.     

The strong traditions and academic excellence to which we hold our students, families, staff and community Exceed Expectations as rated by our state making us a tremendous place to learn and work.  It takes a supportive and thriving community to continue those traditions and expectations.  We are committed to continuous improvement processes to ensure that every student has access to the skills and strategies they need to succeed.  This looks different for each child and we are committed to ensuring your child leaves FPS knowing who they are as a learner and how they will use their skills to conquer their next phase in life.  This does not happen without the strong support of our families and community.  

As the District Administrator, my vision is to build teams that have shared vision and leadership that allows our staff to enjoy coming to work and our students to feel that pride as we walk aside them in their educational journey.  Each learner is unique and my mission is to ensure they know who they are, how they learn, and find success through their educational experience.  This may be through academics, athletics, clubs, or the arts to name a few avenues of exploration. 

Please know your child and family matter to me and all of us in FPS.  Do not hesitate to reach out and share the amazing experiences you or your child(ren) have been a part of or ways you feel we can continually improve.  We are stronger together and communication is key to our success. 

With Gratitude,
Mrs. Annalee Bennin 
District Administrator