The Franklin Public School District has adopted the following academic standards:

Academic Area

Standards Adopted
(Links to the standards lists are in blue)

   Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

   Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

   K-12 ELA (Reading & Writing)

   Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts

   K-12 Literacy in All Subjects

   Wisconsin Standards for Literacy in All Subjects

   K-12 Math

   Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics

   K-12 Science

   Wisconsin Standards for Science

   K-12 Socials Studies

   Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies

   K-12 Financial Literacy

   Wisconsin Financial Literacy Standards

   K-12 Art Standards

   Wisconsin Art Standards

   K-12 Music Standards

   WMEA Music Standards

   K-12 Essential Elements

   Wisconsin Essential Elements Standards

   Career and Technical Education

   Wisconsin Career and Technical Education Standards

   World Language Standards

   Wisconsin Standards for World Language

   K-12 Physical Education and Health

   Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education
   Wisconsin Standards for Health Education

Information about Franklin Public Schools Curricular Review Cycle can be found here.