Philosophy of Teaching & Learning

The Franklin Public School District is committed to the use of benchmarked and rigorous academic standards, that set high expectations for student learning, and that prepare students for college and career goals. Each year, the Franklin Public School District implements a K-12 curriculum based on these adopted academic standards. Academic standards define not only what is to be learned by the end of the school year, but also how that learning progresses from year to year. Curriculum is a detailed daily plan that contains a number of important elements including learning activities, assessments, and resources used to ensure students are learning the established standards.

Academic standards are established by federal and state agencies, as well as local school districts. Curriculum is controlled locally, with teachers and administrative teams providing guidance and leadership around the curriculum implementation process. This means that the Franklin Public School District determines the instructional methods, assessments, and resources that will be used in each and every classroom. The Franklin Public School Board of Education has previously reviewed and approved the curriculum being implemented during the 18-19 academic year. The Board reviews and formally adopts the K-12 academic standards annually. Through our annual curriculum review cycle, the Franklin Public School District has established, shared with the board, and implemented a K-12 curriculum based on Franklin Public School Board adopted standards. Throughout the curriculum development process, the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, as well as other standards endorsed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, have served as the foundation for each subject area. It is the goal of the Franklin Public School District to exceed these standards through the implementation of a rigorous curriculum. To this end, the district utilizes a variety of additional resources from state, federal, and even global agencies to inform best practice, and ensure required standards are exceeded through the curriculum development and implementation processes. We are confident that we will continue to deliver a high quality curriculum that meets or exceeds all adopted standards. Students, parents, and community members are able to find the Board adopted district standards, as well as associated curriculum information, through the school district website at