English as a Second Language (ESL)

What is the purpose of the EL program?

The Franklin School District offers an EL (English Learner) program at all five elementary schools, the middle school and the high school. The purpose of this program is to develop and strengthen the students’ understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of academic English. Instruction and support is provided both within the context of the regular classroom and in a pull-out setting such as in the EL room. In addition, students may receive instruction and support in math, science, and social studies. It is anticipated that 95% of the EL students will graduate with their peers.

Who is eligible for EL assistance?

All students whose first (native) or home language is not English are given an English proficiency test of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to determine their English proficiency levels. Eligibility for EL services will be based on the results of this test as well as the student's daily classroom work and teacher observations. A request to evaluate a student for the EL program may come from the parent or a teacher. If you wish to request an evaluation for your child, please notify your child’s school.

What are the English proficiency levels?

Level 1: Entering

Level 2: Beginning

Level 3: Developing

Level 4: Expanding

Level 5: Bridging

Level 6: Reaching (English Proficient - Exit EL Program)

How and when does a student receive EL services?

The type and amount of EL services depends upon the needs of the student. The following options are available:

    • Small group instruction in oral language, reading, and writing
    • Small group instruction in math, science, or social studies to build language skills
    • Computer aided language instruction
    • Homework help
    • Test preparation
How will the EL program help a student to learn English?

The EL program helps a student to learn and strengthen English skills through Direct Instruction in oral language, guided reading groups, written language instruction, computer software, and academic vocabulary development. Instruction is based on the state standards in the content areas. The EL students are expected to meet the district goals and standards through the regular classroom curriculum. If a child is receiving both EL services and Children with Disabilities services, the EL teacher will be a part of the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process.

When do students begin receiving EL assistance?

A student will begin receiving EL assistance as soon as the school receives the consent of the parent(s).

When is a student exited from the EL program?

When a student scores at the highest level (level 6) on the English proficiency test, he or she will no longer receive EL support. If a student scores higher than 5 on the English proficiency test, is able to work independently on grade level work, and scores Proficient or Advanced on state assessments, the EL teacher and classroom teacher will decide if the student is ready to be dismissed. In addition, any parent can stop his or her child’s EL instruction or support by submitting a written request to the principal.