The Franklin Public Schools assessment system operates on three interconnected levels:
  1. Large scale standardized tests that include state and federal accountability testing.
  2. District level assessments to measure student growth and learning.
  3. Classroom level assessments for grading and formative purposes.
  4. Assessment results are regularly analyzed for specific purposes that range from program evaluation to individual student performance, growth, and programming eligibility.

Federal & State Accountability Testing

The Franklin Public School District administer the following assessments for the purpose of state and federal accountability:

  1. Wisconsin Forward Exam in the following grade levels:
    • English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics in grades 3-8
    • Science in grades 4 and 8
    • Social Studies in grades 4, 8 and 10
  2. Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) in grades 3-11 in ELA and Mathematics, and in grades 4 and 8 -11 in Science.
  3. ACT Aspire in grades 9 and 10.
  4. The ACT Plus Writing in grade 11 for Reading, English, Mathematics, Science, and Writing.
  5. ACCESS for ELLS (varies).
  6. Phonological Awareness Literacy Screener (PALS) in grade 4K.

District Level Assessments

The Franklin Public School District administers the following assessments to measure continuous growth and learning:

  1. The MAP test in
    • Math in grades K-8
    • Reading in grades K-8
  2. The CogAT in grade 3
  3. ACT Aspire Interim in grades 9 & 10

Classroom Assessments

The Franklin Public School District values assessments for learning at the individual classroom level. For more information on individual classroom assessments, please click HERE.