World Language


The Franklin Public Schools World Language Department will prepare students to communicate successfully as lifelong learners in world languages and to become global citizens thus promoting cultural awareness in a rapidly changing world.

Curriculum Philosophy


The Middle School World Language Program is a first year equivalency program. 7th Grade World Language is a beginning level course which covers the fundamentals of language learning, such as basic vocabulary, culture, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. This course is required for all 7th graders and meets every other day. The chosen language may be continued in 8th grade but will not count toward high school graduation credit. Students must demonstrate proficiency in order to continue in 8th grade.


All students are encouraged to study a second language. World language study prepares students for their future as global citizens. Students planning to pursue a university education should be aware that most universities are now requiring a minimum of two to three years of a second language as part of their entrance requirements, and they may require additional second language credits to graduate. The majority of universities will allow students to meet university graduation requirements by using high school second language retroactive credits. Universities may require students to take a proficiency test. Generally, one year of study at the high school level is equivalent to approximately one semester of study at the university level. Therefore, students are encouraged to take a minimum of three consecutive years of a language in high school and to continue through their senior year to be best prepared for proficiency testing.


The Franklin Public School District values assessments for learning at the individual classroom level. For more information on individual classroom assessments, please click HERE.

World Language will actively report on student progress in the following areas:

7-12 Speaking Speaks in the target language
7-12 Reading Reads & comprehends level-appropriate texts in the target language
7-12 Writing Writes short responses or essays in the target language
7-12 Listening Listens to the target language & respond to what is heard
7-12 Culture Demonstrates understanding of culture through comparisons