The Franklin Public Schools science program will provide all students with a relevant inquiry-based culture that creates a community of explorers where curiosity, creativity, and questioning are valued, where resources and opportunities are made readily available and where students can “work” like scientists engaged in the process of collective sense-making.

Curriculum Philosophy


The science curriculum students will provides students and teachers with meaningful experiences through scientific practices while engaging in active participation utilizing the The Full Option Science System® (FOSS) FOSS materials. The program assists students in learning important scientific and engineering concepts, while developing the ability to think as they are actively participate in scientific practices through their own investigations and analyses.


The science curriculum uses the project-based inquiry learning (PBIS). Students will be learning the way scientists learn: exploring interesting questions and challenges, reading about what other scientists have discovered, investigating, experimenting, gathering evidence, and forming explanations. They will learn to collaborate with others to find answers and to share their learning in a variety of ways. The students will investigate scientific content and learn science practices in the context of addressing Big Challenges and Big Questions related to the world around them.


In accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards, the goal of the science department at Franklin High School is to develop the scientific and technological literacy of each student. Our intent is to introduce students to the idea that science is a human endeavor aimed at a better understanding of the natural world.

Students will be assessed based on four report card areas including modeling, constructing explanations supported by evidence, planning and carrying out investigations, and analyzing/interpreting data. As you select your Science courses, please consult the sixteen career clusters listed at the beginning of the course catalog. Taking 2 or more Science courses in one year is allowed as long as those courses fit into the students’ schedules.


The Franklin Public School District values assessments for learning at the individual classroom level. For more information on individual classroom assessments, please click HERE.

Science will actively report on student progress in the following areas:

K-4Constructing ExplanationsConstructs explanations &/or arguments using supporting evidence
K-4ModelingDevelops & uses models
K-4PlanningPlans & carries out investigations
5 - 12QuestioningAsking questions and defining problems
5 - 12ModelingDeveloping and using models
5 - 12PlanningPlanning and carrying out investigations
5 - 12AnalyzingAnalyzing and interpreting data
5 - 12ComputingUsing mathematics and computational thinking
5 - 12ConstructingConstructing explanations and designing solutions
5 - 12EngagingEngaging in argument from evidence
5 - 12CommunicatingObtaining, evaluating, and communicating information