English Language Arts (Reading & Writing)


The Franklin Public Schools K-12 English Language Arts curriculum includes an authentic, balanced approach to 21st century literacy instruction that promotes an appreciation for reading and lifelong learning.


Our vision is guided by current research and best practices to develop students who are able to:

    • Read thoughtfully
    • Think globally, critically, and creatively
    • Write purposefully
    • Communicate effectively
    • Utilize technology ethically and critically
    • Work cooperatively, collaboratively, and independently

Curriculum Philosophy


The literacy curriculum is formatted around a Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop format which incorporates a variety of flexible groups to meet the needs of all learners. Reading, writing, speaking, thinking and listening are interrelated to help students gain the skills needed to be proficient and independent in these areas. As students continue to learn about reading and writing, they will broaden their ability to use literacy skills as a tool for learning and personal enjoyment. Sub skills of the literacy program, such as grammar and vocabulary analysis are also taught and reinforced throughout the curriculum. Technology is utilized as a research tool and for word processing.


The English curriculum is a four-year sequence that offers students an opportunity to develop their reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking, and listening skills in courses that are challenging, but commensurate with their abilities. The primary goal of the English program is to help students acquire the habits of scholarship necessary for college or career readiness. All English courses emphasize the acquisition and development of skills relating to academic reading, discussion, and oral presentation as well as mastery of the various forms, modes, and strategies of written composition. Throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to think both critically and creatively; to work collaboratively and autonomously; to express independent thinking; and to work on clarity of thought in both written and oral communication.


The Franklin Public School District values assessments for learning at the individual classroom level. For more information on individual classroom assessments, please click HERE.

English Language Arts will actively report on student progress in the following areas:

K - 5 Reading Applies foundational skills; analyzes and interprets literary/informational text
K - 5 Writing Produces writing that is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience
K - 5 Speaking & Listening Communicates clearly; interprets & evaluates ideas in a variety of contexts
K - 5 Language Demonstrates command of conventions, grammar & usage, spelling & vocabulary
7-8 Reading Analyzes and interprets literary and informational text
7-8 Writing Produces writing that is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience
7-8 Speaking & Listening Comprehends and presents knowledge and ideas
7-8 Language Applies the conventions and vocabulary of standard English