Bussing FAQs

School Bus Photo

Will my kindergarten student be provided a house stop?

No. All regular education students will be assigned to a designated bus stop with other elementary students. It is expected that parent and/or designee must assume responsibility for a Kindergarten student both in the morning and afternoon.

What happens in an emergency?

The school district Crisis Plan will dictate all procedures in the event of school emergencies. First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the individuals involved to protect and provide safety to all students involved. After reassessment, parent notification via school messenger will be sent as soon as possible. Please bear in mind, there are many types of emergencies from a sick child on the bus to a specific school threat. Each emergency will be treated on an individual basis based on the circumstances of the event.

Can my child ride the bus to a friend’s house before or after school?

The District discourages the policy of riders taking alternate bus routes home or getting dropped off at another rider’s home, i.e. birthday parties, sleepovers, cub scouts, girl scouts, etc. On those rare occasions when this is necessary, the District requires written permission from the parent/guardian of both riders to the school no later than the morning of the day for which the change is requested. This procedure will ensure that both families are aware of changes in the child’s daily schedule. The following information must be included: date of request; requesting student’s name; name, address, and bus route number of the student with whom s/he will accompany home; and parent/guardian’s signature. Please refer the student handbook for school specific guidelines.

Can I request my child be transported to work after school?

Bus service is provided for the sole intent of transporting Franklin Public School District students to/from school. Unless stated in a student’s IEP, the District will not transport a student to work or other non-school activity.

What do the amber lights on the school bus mean?


Amber warning lights will be used as a cautionary indicator that the bus will be coming to a stop and will be activating its RED warning lights. Traffic is allowed to pass the school bus with CAUTION but be prepared and expect the bus driver to switch to the red warning lights.

What do the red lights on the school bus mean?


When the red warning lights are on, a driver MUST STOP NOT LESS THAN 20 FEET from the bus and remain stopped until the bus resumes motion and the bus driver extinguishes the flashing red warning lights. Drivers are required to stop whether the stop arm of the bus is out or not (SS.346.48(1)).

This law does not apply to vehicles driving in the opposite direction on a HIGHWAY DIVIDED BY A CENTER MEDIAN, but does apply if no median is present on a multi-lane street or highway. Failure to stop will result in a minimum of a $326.50 fine and 4 points. A red warning light violation can be reported by your local police, bus driver or other concerned citizen within a 24 hour period from the time of the violation.