Bus Driver and Students on the bus

The district works closely with First Student to provide a safe, effective transportation system for students. All First Student drivers are hired solely by First Student. In addition to the First Student buses and drivers, the district owns and operates seven small buses that are used to assist in transporting students with special needs, alternative high school students and other small groups of students. They are also used for field trips, activities and sporting events for all grade levels.

Please read the information below or see our Transportation FAQs.

School Boundaries

See Boundary Map

The City of Franklin is divided into three different school districts. There is a section located in the upper northwestern portion of the City of Franklin that is designated to attend Whitnall School District (coded in the blue color on the map). In addition, there is a section along the eastern edge of the City of Franklin that is designated to attend Oak Creek – Franklin School District (coded in the brown color on the map).

The remaining portion of the City of Franklin school district attendance area is divided between our five (5) elementary schools. All elementary students are assigned to an elementary school based on their home location. Currently, our elementary schools are Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Ben Franklin Elementary (coded in the yellow color on the map) located at 7620 S 83rd St, Franklin

Country Dale Elementary (coded in the lime green color on the map) located at 7380 S North Cape Rd, Franklin

Pleasant View Elementary (coded in the violet color on the map) located at 4601 W Marquette Ave, Franklin

Robinwood Elementary (coded in the light red color on the map) located at 10705 W Robinwood Ln, Franklin

Southwood Glen Elementary (coded in the blue color on the map) located at 9090 South 35th St, Franklin

Forest Park Middle School & Franklin High School attendance area encompasses the entire Franklin Public Schools attendance area.

Forest Park Middle School is located at 8225 W Forest Hill Avenue, Franklin. Forest Park Middle School services students that are 7th and 8th grade.

Franklin High School is located at 8222 S 51st St, Franklin. Franklin High School services students that are 9th through 12th grade.

Designated Bus Stops

Bus routes are established by following the Franklin Public Schools Board Policy 3720. The policy lays the groundwork for how bus stops are chosen and allows for fair and impartial decisions to be made. The routes are established to provide transportation to the maximum number of students with the fewest stops in a required time frame. This allows the district be both time and cost efficient.

To be as effective as possible, the district has set up many "common bus stops" or corner stops. This allows for changes in the student population throughout the year with little or no disruption to the other passengers.

Parents of Kindergarten and special needs students must have a parent or designee at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon to assist their child. Please notify Mary Jo Herrmann via e-mail of additional individuals who can assume responsibility for your child.

Bus Route Schedules

Bus route schedules are established approximately the middle of August and sent via- email to all families. After this date, only minor adjustments may be made to the route.

Bus Route Changes and Forms


Requests for bus stop changes, joint custody additional bus stops or daycare requests must be done in writing each year. Unwritten requests will not be considered. Please fill out the BUS ROUTE CHANGE FORM. Requests must be made annually. Please allow up to ten (10) days to review and/or accommodate the change request.


Transportation service is provided for a child in a joint/shared custody situation provided both homes are within the designated school attendance area. If both homes are eligible, one home should be designated as the primary residence. Transportation to the secondary home will be provided to an existing bus stop on an existing bus route. Please fill out the ALTERNATE BUS ROUTE CHANGE FORM. Requests must be made annually. Please allow up to ten (10) days to review and/or accommodate the change request.


Each of the district's five elementary schools have designated daycare providers that the district will bus students to for before and after school childcare. Parents can also make requests for personal providers given that they are:

• Within the boundaries of the Franklin Public School District

• Within the student's designated school attendance boundary

• On an existing bus route

Our current list of approved day care to receive transportation:

Southwood Glen Elementary

Academy of Integrity     3900 W Ryan Rd            414-460-3301

Discovery Days             9758 Airways Ct             414-423-1100

Jubilee Christian          3639 W Ryan Rd            414-423-0755

Ben Franklin, Country Dale, Pleasant View

& Robinwood Elementary

Faith Academy           7700 W Faith Dr               414-433-0221

Ingenious Inc             7260 S 76th St                 414-377-8296

Routes will not be extended or altered to accommodate childcare requests. To provide service to the childcare provider, there must be no additional cost to the district. Please fill out the ALTERNATE BUS ROUTE CHANGE FORM. Requests must be made annually. Please allow up to ten (10) days to review and/or accommodate the change request.

Bus Rules

Students are held responsible for their actions on the bus just as they are in their individual schools. The Bus Rules provides some of the district's general expectations for student behavior on the bus, although this list is not all-inclusive. Click here to read bus rules.

Ch 220 Bus Information

Students that participate in the Chapter 220 program are provided transportation via Milwaukee Public Schools per the program’s guidelines. All bus information is provided directly from Milwaukee Public Schools to the families. Please contact your child’s school should you need to make a change of address or transportation needs.

Open Enrollment and Tuition Waiver Transportation

Open Enrollment & Tuition Waiver students are responsible for their own transportation to/from school in a timely manner. However, if there is a Franklin Public School bus stop located within the school district’s attendance area near your home, if your child is attending a daycare within the elementary attendance area, or if you have a family/friend residing in the designated attendance area, you may be able to enter into a parent contract to receive transportation from Franklin Public Schools. There would be a transportation fee associated with this bus service. For more information, contact Mary Jo Herrmann at (414) 525-7634 or

Special Education Transportation

Busing is provided for students based on their individual needs and is determined by the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). For more information, please contact Mary Jo Herrmann.

Special Education Bus Route Request

Private School Transportation

Per the State of Wisconsin Statute §121.54, Franklin Public Schools is responsible for providing transportation to and from school for private school students that meet the eligibility criteria. However, if the cost of providing this transportation is 1.5 times the school district's average cost per student for regular bus transportation in the previous school year, excluding transportation for kindergarten students during the noon hour and special transportation for students with disabilities, the district can provide a payment to the parent in lieu of District provided transportation services in accordance with the provisions of Section 121.55(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes.