Board of Education

The School Board meets in regular session at least once each month in accordance with its schedule as adopted at its annual reorganization meeting. This schedule is amended from time to time as required to meet the needs of the School Board (meetings subject to change).

For up-to-date information on meeting dates, times, locations, and agendas, please see our Board Docs site by clicking below.

Board Goals

2018-19 Board Goals

Goal #1: By the end of the 2018-19 school year, each Board member will attend two school or community events per semester, and report back to the full Board at the Board meeting following the event.

Goal #2: By the end of the 2018-19 school year, the Board will develop a recognition system that honors staff and community in alignment with district recognition systems.

Board Operations

Board Operations

Responsibilities of the Board include:

  • expressing and representing the views of the community in matters affecting education
  • determining educational standards and goals
  • allocating money for school operational needs and building programs
  • authorizing specific expenditures from local, state, and federal sources
  • authorizing curriculum development and revision
  • appointing and setting the salaries of the Superintendent and, based on the recommendation of the Superintendent, all professional personnel
  • interpreting the educational program and needs of the school system to the community

The Board of Education is responsible for setting local education policy consistent with state and federal laws governing public education. At the direction of the Board, the Superintendent and the school system’s administrative staff develop procedures and administrative regulations to support policy decisions.

Participating in Board Meetings

Participating in Board Meetings

With the exception of duly noticed closed sessions of the Franklin Board of Education, all School Board meetings are open to the public and noticed in accordance with the Open Meetings Law. Franklin Public Schools Board of Education encourages citizens of Franklin to be active participants.

Opportunities for Citizen Participation

There are multiple opportunities for citizens to address the Board of Education.

Community Comment: At the beginning of each session of the regular meetings, the Board sets aside up to 15 minutes for citizens to bring subjects of concern.

Letters and Emails: The board welcomes letters and emails from citizens. A letter/email addressed to the Board president should be copied to all members and the Superintendent.

Telephone Calls: Because members of the Board do not have offices, Board members welcome calls from citizens at their homes.

General Conduct

Members of the public who attend meetings of the Board of Education should be mindful of the official nature of the proceedings and that the president of the Board of Education is the presiding official. Loud outbursts, demonstrations, or other activities determined by the Chairman to be disruptive to the proceedings are prohibited during meetings. Members of the public may address the Board when called upon to do so by the Chairman. Members of the public are asked to refrain from having conversations in the Board room while a Board of Education meeting is in session.

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