Victoria Jensen Home Page

Hello.  I am Victoria Jensen, Transition Coordinator for Franklin Schools.  I help students with disabilities through a coordinated set of activities move from the secondary setting to employment, housing, recreation and leisure, college or postsecondary trainings.  Some of the activities that I do to promote transition are to take students on job shadows, provide on the job training, tour colleges, teach interview skills, teach students how to advocate for themselves and know what accomodations they need individually to be successful, and colloborate with both LEAPP-Local Educators and Agencies Promoting Potential and McTab-Milwaukee County Transition Board.  Through both LEAPP and McTab, transition activities are created and provided for students and their parents at day time and evening conferences to facilitate success in the future.

Local Educators and Agencies Promoting Potential (LEAPP) create and host activities such as The Game of Life where students are given a job, schooling and checkbook for the day and then are inserviced on transportation, housing, recreation and leisure and have to make decsions and write a check for each activity.  The goal is to have money at the end of the day, a balanced checkbook and to meet future needs.  Fourteen districts collaborate in LEAPP and provide opportunities to increase effective transitions for students.

The Milwaukee County Transition Board (McTab) problem solves and creates inservices with outside agencies such as The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Milwaukee County Services, FACETS, Children's Hospital, UW MIlwaukee, MATC and UCP.  We welcome parents on this group and we work to target transition needs and brainstorm how to solve them for the children in our school districts.

If you have any transition questions or concerns or if you'd like a recent newsletter or brochure, please call me at: (414) 423-4640 ext. 2220 or email me at: