Español 2

Bienvenidos, estudiantes, a este sitio. Espero que los recursos aquí sean útiles.

Class expectations

Classroom supplies:

  • 1 notebook for journaling
  • notebook or looseleaf paper for note taking
  • a writing instrument

Expectations: It is expected that you will bring your textbook and classroom supplies to class with you every day. You are also expected to be in class each day. If you do miss class and have an excused absence, please see me outside of instructional time to get make up work. You will have up to one week to make up any quizzes or tests.

Eating or drinking in class are unacceptable.


  • Tests and quizzes 55%
  • Journals 10%
  • Homework 10%
  • Performance assessments 20%

Extra credit:

There are no opportunities for extra credit.Tutoring is available upon request.


One retake per quarter is allowed for a maximum of one quiz or test. The student must accept the most current score. Once the scores have been returned, there is a one week window to complete the retake, which can only be done if the student has met with the teacher, and done correctives.

Power standards: These are the power standards for the foreign language department. Each student will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge of the cultures being studied
  • Use knowledge to compare and contrast the nature of languages and cultures
  • Communicate in language other than English
  • Connect with other disciplines and acquire information

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.